Football Focus Issue 65 - Page 59

Port of Bristol should encourage more of the local community to get behind the side in the future. This in turn has the potential to provide them with a valuable source of additional revenue. Port of Bristol FC is a club that is committed to playing an important role in their local community and this is reflected by the fact that they also have a reserve side running. This allows them to give twice as many players an opportunity to play the game every week. Another benefit of having an extra side is that it allows the first XI to benefit from far greater strength in depth. If they are ever left short on numbers through injury or work commitments they have the option of calling up replacements with a limited amount of disruption. There is much to admire about the fine set up that Port of Bristol FC currently has in place as they look to achieve success this season. It is clearly an exciting time for everyone involved with the club at present and Football Focus Magazine would like to take this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for the future. 59