Football Focus Issue 65 - Page 54

Hengrove Athletic FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Hengrove Athletic F.C will use their share of the proceeds to develop their ground, while Bristol City Community Trust can increase their assistance in the delivery and development of worthwhile programmes and services within grassroots sport through the Bristol region. The day has been deemed ‘The Best in the Clubs History’ and will live long in the memories of all involved from Hengrove Athletic F.C said Mike Greatbanks, Chairman of Hengrove Athletic F.C. Mike Greatbanks was first involved with Hengrove Athletic F.C in the early to mid 80’s as a player for a number of seasons. He returned to Hengrove Athletic F.C in 2010 as the Youth Team (U18’s) Manager, after a few seasons, he became a Committee Member and became the Reserve Team Manager. During the summer of 2015, Mike was asked by the previous Chairman to relinquish my Football Team Management duties and became the Chairman of Hengrove Athletic F.C. M i k e Greatbanks has always been attracted to Hengrove Athletic F.C due to its reputation for playing good football and having a good team spirit, on and off the pitch. As a Chairman, Mike has faced challenges like any other football club. The biggest challenge was and still is being able to raise club finances and to keep the club financially black in the bank. However, the most rewarding aspect of the Chairman’s role is seeing the Hengrove Athletic F.C teams play well, win matches and everyone involved at our club enjoying themselves. Since the Bristol City F.C Annual Community Trust Match, the mood is very good CL Electrical Controls Energy, Control & Automation Hengrove Athletic F.C is now preparing for the upcoming season and has started to make plans to implement some Ground Improvements ready for the start of the season. We are a leading control panel manufacturer and electrical services company working throughout the UK. With a client base that includes several bluechip companies we provide design, manufacturing and installation services for the HVAC, Telecommunication and Petrochemical sectors. Tel: 01454 250555 | Unit 1 Kendleshire Farm, Down Road, Bristol BS36 1AU 54 Issue 65