Football Focus Issue 65 - Page 48

Guernsey FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Guernsey FOOTBALL CLUB G uernsey FC was first established in 2011 with the aim of offering the island’s footballers a chance to test themselves outside of the Channel Islands. This goal saw them joining the English national league pyramid system and they now compete in Division One South of the Isthmian League, playing their home games at the Footes Lane Stadium. They are led by the team of Chairman Mark Le Tissier and Director Jez Robin and the club prides itself on being an independent, community amateur football club that is owned and run for the benefit of the local area. They state on their official website, www., that, “The club’s vision is to create, develop and maintain a sustainable, successful, financially viable, democratic football club that creates and maintains real and lasting benefits to its members and the local Guernsey community. We are a registered charity and will remain a non-profit organisation with any financial surpluses being re-invested f ½ÈÑ¡”™ÕÑÕɔÙ¥…‰¥±¥Ñ䁽˜Ñ¡”)±Õˆ…¹¡•¹”Ñ¡”‰•¹•™¥Ð½˜Ñ¡”±½…°)½µµÕ¹¥Ñ今t)A•É¡…Á́ѡ•¥È‰•ÍЁ͕…ͽ¸Ñ¼‘…Ñ”…µ”)¥¸Ñ¡”€ÈÀÄļÄȁ͕…ͽ¸Ý¡•¸Ñ¡•äÝ•É”)É½Ý¹•¡…µÁ¥½¹Ì½˜Ñ¡” ½µ‰¥¹•) ½Õ¹Ñ¥•Ì1•…Õ”¥Ù¥Í¥½¸=¹”¸Q¡•ä…±Í¼)ݽ¸Ñ¡” 0Aɕµ¥•È ¡…±±•¹” ÕÀÑ¼()A1e%9]d)I=4!=5ü)Mх䁅Ð()U-=9=I59%!=Q0)™½È½¹±äƒ ŒÜäÁ•È‘½Õ‰±”É½½´¨(¡5¥¹¥µÕ´Ñݼ¹¥¡ÐÍх䤀©P™ ́…ÁÁ±ä)܀聑խ•½™¹½Éµ…¹‘¥”¹½´)”€è•¹Åեɥ•Í‘Õ•­½™¹½Éµ…¹‘¥”¹½´)Ѐè€ÀÄÐàĀÜÈÄÐÌÄ((Ðà%ÍÍՔ€ØÔ((0