Football Focus Issue 65 - Page 37

Tweedmouth Amateurs “The club, along with all the other clubs in the area, play a vital part in the community, offering youngsters opportunities to become part of a club.” has forced the club to look for a new manager and try to attract several new players. There will naturally be a beddingin period while the new manager puts his methods into place and new players are integrated with the current squad.” 2016-17 “Following our promotion campaign last season, the club finds itself in the A Division for only the second time. A new manager has been found and coaching team put in place. Following the changes on the managerial and playing front, the club is now aiming for a period of stability and looking to establish itself in the A Division.” Youth “Youth football is very important to the club; several of the current squad have been with the club, through various age football from a very young age. We have previously run youth teams at various age levels and currently run two teams, at under 13 and under 15 age groups and are always looking to expand these numbers.” Community Challenges/Ambitions “The club, along with all the other clubs in the area, play a vital part in the community, o f f e r i n g youngsters opportunities to become part of a club. The club has always prided itself in raising money for various charities in the local community and works with local businesses in improving the facilities for training and playing. We have no formal links with any other clubs in our area, but as with amateur football throughout the country we have informal connections with clubs throughout our league and also local teams in other leagues.” “There are a number of challenges facing the club in the next five years. As with all amateur clubs, there is the constant need to find players and also volunteers willing to run the club. Facilities at the club constantly need repairing and upgrading and these costs must be met. Having secured back to back promotions in the past two seasons, the club in the immediate future are looking to a period of stability in the A Division, before looking to possibly move on again to a higher standard of football. The club are always looking to improve the facilities at the ground, which will be required the higher the club goes. On the youth front, the club are always looking to expand the number of youngsters p l a y i n g football.” 37