Football Focus Issue 65 - Page 21

Berwick Rangers all the youngsters who attend get a free Junior Season Ticket with over 100 issued last year. “We have a very good loyal fan base and maximise the use of advertising etc. in the area, posters, web, twitter, facebook etc. Our Match Day Sponsorship is very popular and each home game is well covered in that area. We upgraded the facilities a couple of years ago with a new sponsor lounge (The Jeff Burnlees Lounge) and Dining area (Eric Tait Lounge). “Our biggest challenge moving forwards is an easy one! With the new Pyramid League system in force this year all clubs must be aware of the possible pitfalls! Montrose have this season ended up playing Brora Rangers of course and all clubs can no longer expect an easy ride at the bottom end of Division Two! We want Northumberland College to create football academy in home of game's greats It is the birthplace of some of some great football legends including Jackie Milburn, and now Ashington will be home to an academy for players of the future and those who want to work in the sport. Northumberland College has launched a football academy combining practical playing with academic achievement and life skills, providing an excellent stepping stone to professional playing, coaching or development work within football. Head of Academy, Simon Chalk said: “The academy will create opportunities for players to progress to local, regional and semi-professional level. The course will also help prepare students for a range of careers including football coaching, PE teaching, sports development and facility management.” The College have also launched the Football Academy in Berwick in partnership with Berwick Rangers Football Club. Targeted at 16 to 23-year-olds, both male and female, the college would encourage anyone that is interested in a career in football to get in touch as enrolment is still open for this academic year. Simon added “Students in each academy will create three teams and compete in the Association of Colleges League. They will enjoy coaching with Ashington Football Club and Berwick Rangers Football Club, they may also have the opportunity to work with one of our International football players.” to progress forward initially into SPFL One and then who knows!” There is much to admire about the fine set up that Berwick Rangers currently has in place and this should set them up for a bright and successful future. Everyone at Football Focus Magazine wishes them the best of luck for the rest of the season. FOOTBALL ACADEMY Joi W"fF&6FVגFG&f"W"G&V6&VW"ॖRv7GVGf"FR%DT2WfV""2F7'@B66Rg&vFRf&WGbGVW26VFs( "fF&G&p( "fFW72FW7Fpf"fF&( "Fגf fF&W'0( "fF&66p( "&v6rfF&WfVG0FfBWB&PBFT$p6csC#"VVV$'FB2V'FF6'FV&W&F6'FV&W&F6VvPwwr7'F&#