Foodmate | InsideTrack Jan 2018 - IPPE - Page 20

THE STRENGTH OF FOODMATE & CHICKSORT PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION CONTROL SOLUTIONS Allows processors achieve a high level of control and information without having to buy a complete new packing room. Systems can be integrated with any existing line equipment. VISION AND GRADING And now this advanced solution boosts a new PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION SOLUTIONS operating system, ChickSort 3.0. POULTRY GRADING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Utilizing a simple graphics based user interface ChickSort3.0 ensures that production control is placed firmly back in the hands of the user. CHICKSORT 3.0 OPERATING SYSTEM CHICKSORT 3.0 ChickSort 3.0 has been designed from the ground up to support Foodmate Cut-up equipment. With an intuitive ChickSort3.0 ensures that every part of every bird is accounted for. Utilizing an advanced dashboard to display real time process status, management can see at a glance what is being produced where. By splitting process control into three distinct areas: whole bird; front half; and back half, ChickSort3.0 permits maximum process flexibility. New users will benefit greatly from ChickSort 3.0 ‘s advanced process control capabilities. graphics based user interface ChickSort 3.0 is ideal for controlling complex whole bird distribution and cut- up requirements. In fact, to make ChickSort 3.0 one of the most advanced control system available, we have simplified many of the features. Worldwide, prolonged use of ChickSort 2 led us to the not surprising decision that less is more! Although many of the features in ChickSort 3.0 are state of the art, they are simple to use and image based. This makes for an easy to understand and use system. With in-built safeguards to make sure pro- cess instructions are logical, ChickSort 3.0 is virtually fool proof. INVISION DETECTION PARAMETERS: Skin flaws/Barking Single Leg Hang Physical Size Broken wings Missing parts Hock length Hock burn PAGE 20 Bile Stain Bruises Feathers Organs Missing shackle Detection ChickSort 3.0 Dashboard The advanced Dashboard indicates at a glance: Current production Average bird weight Combined piece rate Whole bird weight spread Total piece production Individual line speeds Individual line histogram Hanging efficiency Total production histogram Reference position Grade performance graph Hanging efficiency per line and combined PAGE 21