Foodmate | InsideTrack Jan 2018 - IPPE - Page 14

DARK MEAT DEBONING SOLUTION NEW OPTI THIGH DEBONER WITH KNEECAP SEPARATOR (KCS) Foodmate developed the Kneecap Separator (KCS) feature for the OPTI Thigh Deboner, as a solution to address staffing issues with the trimming of cartilage that stays on the meat after deboning. Due to an increasingly tight labor market, it is becoming more and more difficult to staff the trim tables and control trimmers’ performance; which can ultimately, in turn, represent a loss in product quality and yield. The OPTI Thigh Deboner has been a very successful machine, with over 200 satisfied customers reporting significant yield improvement. The OPTI TD’s innovative scraper design and tendon cutting system give the meat a hand-cut appearance without shattering the bones. Adding the automated KCS does not impact meat quality and yields are very similar or sometimes even better then operations that manually trim. The KCS can be installed on existing machines, or it can be integrated into a new thigh deboner. It is located underneath the meat scrapers and is cam and gear operated. Each meat scraper has a circular blade that comes from underneath the thigh bone to cut the tendons around the knee joint. After the tendons are cut, the meat scraper pulls the meat off the bone while leaving the kneecap attached to the bone. KNEECAP? WHAT KNEECAP?! “FOODMATE IS VERY PROUD TO BE AWARDED THIS MAJOR PROJECT IN THIS REGION.” DAVID HAZENBROEK, PRESIDENT FOODMATE B.V. 214 OPTI THIGH DEBONERS SOLD WORLDWIDE Since the official introduction of the OPTI Thigh Deboner in 2011, Foodmate has successfully installed over 200 machines worldwide. Customers in the US, Canada, Ko- rea, Australia, France, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and several other countries are profiting from significant yield improvements and labor savings as well as seeing im- proved thigh meat quality and increased shelf life. FINAL PRODUCT High yield, hand cut appearance without shattering the bones. 100 thighs per minute PAGE Already have an installed OPTI Thigh Deboner at your plant? 14 ASK US HOW TO ADD THIS MONEY SAVING MODULE TO YOUR EXISTING MACHINE. Due to the continued high growth of TFG in the frozen and cooked poultry markets, TFG is investing in a highly automated poultry processing line to be supplied by Foodmate. Foodmate has been selected to provide the latest technology on eviscera- tion, portioning, grading and deboning. Further, the systems to be supplied include the latest innovations such as the MAX6000 breast deboning system and the ULTIMATE whole leg deboning system. “We need to supply superior quality products to high- ly demanding export markets such as Japan and Eu- rope. We have been considering several suppliers and concluded that Foodmate systems are the best to fit our high quality and high efficiency demand.” MR. KUKIATTINUN, COO OF THAI FOODS GROUP. “As TFG is one of the major players in the South Eastern Asian mar- ket, we have to deal with rising labor shortage and higher labor costs”, says Mr. Chirdsak Kukiattinun, COO of Thai Foods Group. “As a result, we decided to invest in the latest automation tech- nology by Foodmate. We also need to supply superior quality products to highly demanding export markets such as Japan and Europe. We have been considering several suppliers and finally concluded that Foodmate systems are the best to fit our high quality and high efficiency demand”, concluded Mr. Kukiattinun. Optimal Yields. Delivered. Worldwide! ThaiFoods Group (TFG) is one of the top three leading companies in poultry, swine and the animal feed industry in Thailand. TFG produces fresh and frozen chicken as well as further processed chicken products, live swine, pork parts and animal feed. The company supplies fresh and frozen chicken parts to their domes- tic market and export markets including Europe, Japan and Ma- laysia. TFG’s total revenue in 2017 is estimated to exceed 25,000 million Baht or $780 million USD. TFG is publicly listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange and currently supplies 500,000 birds per day at four processing plants located in Thailand. THAIFOODS GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (TFG) “As a company, we have been concentrating a lot of attention to the Asian market over the last five years. The current consump- tion of poultry meat is already huge and still growing. In Asia, the requirements on portion control, quality of cuts and type of cuts are so much different than in other parts of the World. The overall quality requirements are so much more s tringent as well. Being rewarded with this huge project at TFG shows that Foodmate is ready to serve this growing and sophisticated market. The Food- mate reputation is widely known around Asia.”, says Mr. David Ha- zenbroek