Foodmate | InsideTrack Jan 2018 - IPPE - Page 10

ULTIMATE, WHOLE LEG DEBONING WITH SURGICAL PRECISION The ULTIMATE at work PRECISION AND EFFICIENCY AT ITS BEST Integrated J-Cut Unit This machine is a total game changer when it comes to whole leg deboning technology. The ULTIMATE measures each leg and makes precise cuts based on the feedback it gets from the X-ray unit. This specially designed unit makes a precise cut along the bone without damaging the meat or the bone; ensuring reduction of pressure during meat stripping, simplifying inspection and allowing for good presentation. That’s right, the guessing game is OVER! Exceptional yields. No bones about it. FOODMATE ULTIMATE END RESULTS Fieldale Farms is a family business, still owned by its founders, but has grown to become one of the larg- est independent poultry producers in the world. The Murrayville plant operates two shifts and produces around 1 million pounds of boneless leg meat per week for its customer Chipotle. CUSTOMER Fieldale Farms FOODMATE EQUIPMENT ULTIMATE SCOPE Equipment Testing “We want to thank Fieldale for their trust and support and the business they have awarded us.” PAGE 10 SCOTT HAZENBROEK Last year during IPPE 2017, Foodmate and Fieldale started conversations about their plans to expand the leg deboning operation and how it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet their weekly production goals due to the tight labor market. Therefore, as part of Fieldale’s expansion plans to help overcome labor issues was to find new technology and suitable auto- mation to help improve yields. “Last year during IPPE 2017, Foodmate owner, Scott Hazenbroek showed us a video of the prototype whole leg deboner they were working on and it showed a lot of promise. We told Scott if Foodmate had the need of a test location, we would be happy to work with Food- mate and offered the Murrayville plant as a testing fa- cility.” - said David Rackley, Plant Manager, Murrayville Complex. Based on that invitation, Foodmate installed the ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner in November 2017 and started testing and fine tuning the machine. After two weeks of getting the machine dialed in, Fieldale start- ed running the machine in full production during two shifts and 5 to 6 days a week. “Bringing the machine into a test location where they actually run four leg deboning lines was a great opportunity for us to compare our results against Fieldale’s current process and to learn more about the ULTIMATE’s performance and technical aspects. In addition, we were able to get great feedback from David and his team so that we could incorporate any potential design changes they suggested.” - said Scott Hazenbroek. For a new and unproven machine in a US production facility, the installation has gone well with no substan- tial technical issues that have presented itself since the machine has been running. Fieldale’s main goal for the new equipment is to reduce labor and improve yields and after running the machine since November, Fieldale is very confident that the machine is a big improvement over their cur- rent process and it will help them with their challenges. This success has led to the decision of purchasing the machine used in the testing as well as 3 additional machines, all to be installed once Fieldale’s planned building expansion is completed in August. “It was a very easy decision to make, the equipment appears to be extremely reliable and despite the fact that it uses cutting edge technology such as the X-Ray Measuring System, it is a simple machine to operate and maintain. The most important thing is to keep the blades sharp. We attribute the consistent results and high yields to the X-Ray Measuring System. Previous technology always required to find the best middle of the road setting, was labor intensive and required skilled people to operate. The ULTIMATE measures each leg and makes precise cuts based on the feed- back it gets from the X-ray unit. This machine is a total game changer when it comes to whole leg deboning technology. Scrape tests are showing an average im- provement of 33 grams per whole leg compared to our current process and we fully expect to have staff headcount reduction by 100 once the new machines are installed.” - stated David Rackley. Foodmate’s relationship with Fieldale started when the Cornelia plant started looking at thigh debon- ing solutions. This was the beginning of what has become a fruitful relationship for both companies. The success of t he thigh deboners has led to the order of 3 OPTI Flow Cut-up Systems, and now, the purchase of 4 ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboning Systems. X-Ray Measuring System Precise measurements for precise cuts The ULTIMATE uses the latest X-ray technology to precisely measure each whole leg, allowing the machine to cut with accuracy around the knee joint, User-friendly touch-screen gives real-time production information. leaving the kneecap attached to the bone and ensuring very high yields and minimal labor during trimming.