Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 91

CHICAGO, IL Chicago is known for its restaurant scene, though most of these establishments would hardly be able to be described as “frugal.” When in this great city, searching for a scrumptious meal to purchase with spare change, look no further than BIG & little’s restaurant. This place is an eclectic mixture of Asian staples, Mexican finger foods, and All-American classics, that are sure to send anyone’s taste buds into a frenzy. Try the tacos, which can be ordered in a meat or fish variety, along with special sauces for each. The Samurai tacos are special (dubbed so on the BIG & little’s menu), with fried whitefish, pickled jalapeños, and two signature sauces: Samurai Sauce and Special Sauce. The Samurai Sauce is a sweet, soy based concoction, while the Special Sauce is creamier in texture, and described as a chili aioli. Up for a foodie excursion? Order the Japanese beef short rib tacos, which come with a little spice and a little sweetness, also topped with pickled jalapeños and Samurai Sauce. What really makes these tacos “special?” It’s the sauce, too, but the queso fresco that these mouthwatering handheld game-changers are topped with, is what really takes home the trophy. BIG & little’s is more than just a taco joint. As mentioned, it holds a crown for burgers, fried classics, and even a grilled ahi tuna steak sandwich: YES. From the tacos, to softshell crab po’ boys, and back around to a fried egg cheeseburger, you’ll want to make a little time for a BIG foodie win at BIG & little’s. With three locations, and more on the menu than ever before to choose from, being full and satisfied has never been so easy. But wait, what’s the price? The av Ʌɥ́ЁЁɽչԴ؁ȁԁѕ)Ёɕ䁕䁽ȁ݅аͼQMɅх́ɔи԰ѡ)չѕͅݥ́䀐ĄȁѡչЁѡѡѥ)ɥ䁽ѡԁѡ٥ɽаЁͻeЁЁ䁉ѕȁѡѡ̸()QɅٕȁ]ѕȀ((((