Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 75

Your after dinner show through unique and interactive foodie experiences. Attend one of Totally Local VC’s innovative dinner events marrying iconic Ventura locations with local top-line chefs to dish up seasonal selections harvested from the region’s most celebrated farms. Have dinner at the avocado orchard, cattle ranch, or pumpkin patch featuring seasonal farm-tofork eats paired with local wine and beer. Or visit The Jolly Oyster at San Buenaventura State Beach Park for the ultimate DIY oyster shucking experience. The Jolly Oyster has built its name by offering fresh, local, sustainably-farmed oysters on Ventura’s waterfront. Pack a baguette and your favorite bottle of wine, sit by the beach and give oyster shucking a try. In town, be sure to drop by restaurants like Paradise Pantry, The Cave, Winchester’s Grill & Saloon, or Aloha Steakhouse, where chefs create tasty seasonal eats featuring local produce, easily paired with Ventura wine, beer, and spirits. Experience Ventura. Experience local. FoodTraveler l Winter 2016 73