Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 50

Good Eats! If you thought the quesadilla turned heads, wait until you try their Alaskan Snow Crab, Oregon Bay Shrimp, & Artichoke Melt. On a toasted baguette with parmesan and cheddar-jack cheeses, the crab and shrimp melt right into the artichoke for a warm and comforting meal that “wows” taste buds with every bite. For all you Arizona State fans out there, we’re bowing down to your foodie scene. Tempe, Arizona, located in the East Valley section of the Phoenix metropolis, offers just about every type of food you could ever want: “Juicy burgers, spicy Sichuan stir fry, Japanese sushi, Irish pub grub, ramen noodles, dessert crêpes, Mediterranean- or Southwestern-style cuisine, tofu for the vegetarian, handmade Mexican paletas, an Ethiopian restaurant; dishes you wouldn’t expect in Arizona are right here in Tempe.” A population of over 70,000 students all enjoy the variety in both culture and cooking traditions, as they make for an amazing night out and an educational experience overall. From all natural juice bars, to burger joints within walking distance, there is something on every street corner to please any hungry traveler. Try Aachi South Indian Kitchen, located at 325 West Elliot Road, where you’ll find authentic, mouthwatering Indian fare. Centrally focused on Southern Indian cuisine, with a specialization in Indo-Chinese, there are a variety of eclectic menu items to choose from. Kothu Paratha (also known as Parotta), is an Indian delicacy made with Parotta – a flatbread – egg, a choice of meat, and a spicy sauce called salna. This is one of their more popular dishes and is made fresh daily. Another favorite for the locals: Dosas. Served piping hot from the Aachi grill, these rice-based dishes come in either thin crêpe or thick pancake form. The Masala Dosa is a thin rice crêpe stuffed with a potato masala and served with sambar (a lentil-based stew) and chutney. The Kal Dosa is a thick rice pancake cooked in the traditional Indian grill and also served with sambar and chutney. Looking for a dive bar with great sandwiches? Head for the Tempe Tavern, a local favorite that is pouring a wide range of beers daily, along with burgers and sandwiches that are all served on locally-baked buns. The Hot Chick is a great selection, which is a battered and fried chicken breast that is topped with melted pepper jack, sautéed hot peppers, and chipotle mayo. With over 30 brews on tap and a South-Of-The-Border flare to their menu, college nights are always well-spent in the Tempe Tavern. 48 FoodTraveler l Winter 2016