Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 43

Mike Mills and the 17th Street locations are doing BBQ in all the right ways. Next time you’re craving that authentic smoky flavor of pull-apart meats and classic sides, take a trip to the new south! Another BBQ phenomenon that happens to be located in an arguably “non-BBQ” state, is The BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, Virginia. The BBQ Exchange is responsible for fusing all regions known for BBQ together into one outrageous menu. The traditional BBQ fare is available, but give the crazy twists a try, too. You will be pleasantly surprised. Take, for example, the Fu-Q, a smoked tofu served with hushpuppies. Tofu will never be the same again. Another funky remix on the menu is the BLT with pork belly, where the bacon is spice-cured for a week and then dried for an additional week. After that process, it has a sleepover in the smoker before being placed on a soft roll with freshly-pulled lettuce and sliced tomato. The BBQ Exchange might be most well-known for its variety of sauces, like the Soo-Eet, a sweet Memphis style sauce made with roasted onions, molasses, and the Exchange’s “secret red rub.” The Colonel Bacon sauce is killer, which is an original Virginia style BBQ sauce with a base of smoky bacon and a blend of several mustards. It is said to be quite addictive, and it is no surprise as to why. The feel of the restaurant is very down-home, with cedar picnic tables and a white washed tin exterior. The ceiling fans and barn-inspired walls on the interior make the establishment both upbeat and comfortable, perfect for getting down and dirty with your favorite plate of sauce-covered smoky goodness. FoodTraveler l Winter 2016 41