Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 42

Good Eats! Peace, Love, & BBQ Most people think of the south when they hear the word “barbecue,” but there isn’t enough to be said about Mike Mills and his restaurant 17th Street. As a champion pit master, Mike has been smoking, turning, and burning out the best BBQ for as long as we can remember. 17th Street is legendary for serving up ribs, and these really are to die for. Technically speaking, his BBQ is located in the south – southern Illinois, that is. It is unexpected and 40 FoodTraveler l Winter 2016 devilishly delicious, therefore making 17th Street worth the trip alone. In the loveable town of Murphysboro, 17th Street is open until 10 pm Monday through Saturday. For patrons’ convenience, there is a second location open in Marion, IL. Bon Appétit named the restaurant’s ribs “the best ribs in the U.S.” Also featured in Vogue, and 3-time “Grand World Champion” winners, these fam W2&'&62&P7BBgVbff"࠮( v2GW7N( ( 2'V"6VB'֖R( 027&VBfW"FR&'2BFW&PFV6vǒ6VB6&F`RB6W''vB62f"&W@6W'2FRBFRVR60FBFRƖvB( &7( 6WbFPVB2ǒ6Wf&RF&VvFP6r6rWFBvFvBP&RFRVFvR6FVBBwF7G&VWB&RFV"6vGW&RFVBFFW2G'FRu5@FF&VBFFB2GFV@vF'WGFW"B6W"7&VBFV7GVffVBvF6VB$%&FPFFvWG2FVBfbvF6VFF 66VW6Rw&VV2B&6f"gVVffV7BCrv2WfW"&RvV7VBFW"VG,:RR6( Bvw&pvF2FR&7FVB7WB&v@FRF6V( 26VFW"7WBg&FP6VFW"( 2FR&26VBFPBBvfVG2fFV6W2FPw&fVGW&VB& :FB2vVB6W2vFGv6FW2RvWBF66Rg&vFR6VV7F6VFrg&W66&G26W6r&V@&V2g&VB&6WFW&G&FFBW7BG'VRFVҒ&V2@&6R2B6VW6R&&G2g&W2W6WW27Wb6W"'&6WB6V6VBw&VV&V2ࠠ