Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 26

Winter , BY T H E GLASS A WINE Wonderland Kewaunee, Wisconsin Kewaunee, Wisconsin is home to the Parallel 44 Vineyard and Winery. Parallel 44 was established in 2005 by couple, Steve Johnson and Maria Milano. “For Steve and Maria, wine was a passion that turned into a celebration of our local grape growing and wine making industry,” says Parallel 44. Both owners grew up in Wisconsin, therefore having love for the state already engrained in their histories. Shortly after purchasing the land, Steve and Maria quickly began to plant vines. At the winery today, there are approximately 7,000 vines (10 acres) planted. Their ultimate goal is to reach 25 acres of vine coverage. Steve is a self-taught vintner, and makes well over a dozen different varieties of wines, including white, red, sparkling, and rosé. The Frozen Tundra variety is quite popular. In fact, the Frozen Tundra wines are a featured collection during the biggest annual wine celebration for Parallel 44: The Annual Frozen Tundra Wine Fest. The festival takes place on Saturday, February 25, 2017. This will be the festival’s 7th year in celebration. It is outdoors, and quite cold, which adds to the unique nature of the Frozen Tundra wines. This outdoor event is meant to highlight the value in producing wines in this part of the world, and showcases how they’ve become award-winning brands. Living on the Frozen Tundra is one thing, but drinking the Frozen Tundra wines is another. At the festival, you can expect an ice bar with tastings and wines available for purchase, as well as tours of the vineyard and the winery, wagon rides, live music, and food from local vendors. Experience the magic of this region and the rich flavors of each wine offered at the festival. Tickets are $15 per person, and due to the popularity of the event, tickets will not be sold at the door. Tickets must be purchased in advance, and you can do so by visiting Tickets will go on sale December 1, 2016. 24 FoodTraveler l Winter 2016