Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 22

Loaf ‘N Jug Presents the 23rd Annual Chile & Frijoles Festival - September 22-24, 2017 Pueblo, CO PUEBLO GREEN CHILI – A TIME HONORED TRADITION Remembering, collecting, recording and passing down the recipes your loved ones have passed to you is a wonderful way to honor and immortalize your family. That tradition is none more evident than with Pueblo’s Green Chili stew. Fresh Roasted Pueblo Chile peppers can be found at nearly every farm stand throughout Southern Colorado during late summer through early fall. The roasted Chiles are used in countless dishes, from mac n’ cheese to sandwiches, pizza & steak. However, the most popular by far, is the pork green chili stew. For many families, the week begins with a Sunday gathering around a pot of green chili, fresh cooked pinto beans and tortillas. As the week continues the delicious spicy gravy will be used almost daily to smother eggs, burritos, mashed potatoes & more. Sons and daughters alike are taught their family’s green chili recipe to ensure it lives on for the next generation. chiles to get just the right heat level and flavor. Now Cindy shares her family tradition and love for cooking daily with her successful catering business. Tina Archuletta, a Pueblo native, learned her family’s recipe from her mother and 4 aunts starting at the age of 10. Throughout the years she has also learned to add her own flair and tricks, including a “budget friendly” version that uses ground beef instead of cubed pork. “Entertaining a house full of friends who always request my Green Chili is a real compliment” said Tina. “They have even gone so far as to buy me extra Tupperware bowls to ensure they can take some home every time they visit.” Kathleen Thibedeau moved to Pueblo in the mid 70’s and had the good fortune to make fast friends with a local family with generations of cooking expertise. “As soon as I had my first bowl of green chili, I had to learn the recipe, it was so delicious.” As she mastered her technique she has now handed it down to her daughter, and grandsons. Her recipe has also made it back to her home of Wisconsin where her sisters, nieces & extended Popular local Pueblo caterer, Cindy Reyes, family share the Pueblo love. learned her recipe from her mother and grandmother. Nearly 60 years of tradition Preserving ɕ́́ͅ٥ɥ)͕ݸ 䁕ٕՅЁȁȁɥхͼɔɅѥ́ѥՔ)ݸѡɕͥѼɕѡѡ͔ѥ̸9ѕȁѡչՔ)ѥɕЁAՕɽݸɕ́ѡ́䁙ٽɥєѡ́хAՕɕ ݥ啐ȁɅѥ́Ѽ(QɅٕȁ]ѕȀ((