Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 19

THERE’S NO PLACE IN THE WORLD LIKE Boston, CITY OF Chefs and that rings true in the foodie scene there, undoubtedly. The city runs deep in culture, diversity, character, and eccentric neighborhoods worth hours upon hours of one’s exploration. It is, therefore, no shocker that Chef Charles Draghi and his restaurant, Erbaluce, would be centered in the Bay Village area of Boston, smack-dab in the middle of all of the beautiful chaos that is this city. Chef Draghi has been rooted in Boston for many years, and is very well-known for putting a modern, herb-infused spin on traditional Italian cuisine. Draghi hones in on Piemontese flavors, and pairs freshly grown herbs and spices with seasonal, high-quality ingredients for a savory combination that never ceases to amaze his customers. Contemporary, yet comforting, his dishes offer up both intellectual criticisms and heartwarming feel-good meals alike. In an interview with Haute Living, Draghi explains one of his signature dishes: The roasted rack of wild boar with a mosto of wild Concord grapes, fermented with lavender branches. A favorite for the past 12 years and standing, Draghi says the secret is that the meat comes from a feral animal, rather than a farm-raised boar. The “steak-like texture [is] very satisfying, and subtly haunting; a primal flavor that is unlike any other meat.” Draghi’s restaurant, Erbaluce, has received many awards and nominations, including its 6th “Best Italian Restaurant” from Improper Bostonian Magazine. A quote from Robert Nadeau explains the very core of what makes Draghi’s cuisine so unique: “Draghi’s food builds sauces from vegetables and their essences, rather than butter, olive oil, or cream. So even with a rich dessert, one will be able to continue with a night out on the town after eating here. Amid many fine restaurants near the Theater District, this is one of the most distinctive.” – Robert Nadeau, The Boston Phoenix The menu changes nightly at Erbaluce, depending on what Chef Draghi feels like playing with, and what’s in season. Dinin )ɉՍ́ɑɥɅȁ́ݥѠɱ)ɕɍɹ́аѡ她Ʌ͕չݕ́ݥѠɉɥфɅͥȁ٥ɕєѡи)QЁٕ䁑́͠Ѽхєѡɕ́͡ɕаݥѡЁ٥Ѽɥѡ́ɥͅՍ!)ͥɕձɅɕݥѠ́ɼ䁥Օ́ ɅͥЁȁͽɔ́)ѡٕѥٔ٥չ()]Ѡх́͡Ս́MхȁAɽ٥̰ͥQ5ɭ)AɉՍɥձ䁕ɥٕ́ȁѽ)ȁ݅丁ɥٕ́ѼȁѱͽհѼѡа)ݥѠѡݡєݥɕՍѥ́啱܁)ե̰ѼɔѡЁхєѥٕ́䁉є)]ѡȁ׊eɔȁոͅݥѼ܁ݸ)ե䰁ȁͱܵݥѠѡѕɥ̃qеєtԁݥѡЁѡ͔ձ䁅ѥ́ɥɔ)ѼѡхѡѡٕɅ͕ٕȁձ()QɅٕȁ]ѕȀ((((