Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 141

San Jose CALIFORNIA “Of all the places to go in California, San Jose should be at the top of your list.” San Jose is located at the heart of the Silicon Valley, and is surrounded by the Santa Cruz Mountains and South Bay. With a deep, rich culture and a love for creativity, there is something about San Jose that resonates with every visitor, both big and small. There are sights for the strange-at-heart, such as the Winchester Mystery House, a spooky Victorian spirited house that is massive in comparison to its surroundings. The owner kept building onto the house, and it is now the sight for haunted tours and themed events. tradition, and has weekly farmer’s markets and events to showcase the people. Japanese restaurants and homemade tofu are never far away here. Stop in at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose for a historical tour that showcases both permanent and rotating exhibits for visitors. San Jose also has the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam itself, as well as one of the only three remaining “Japantowns” in the U.S. This Asianinspired area is full of culture and Anthony Bourdain recently visited one of the restaurants in Japantown, the Minato Japanese Restaurant. Minato is known for serving up authentic Japanese cuisine, and their teriyaki spareribs are considered to be famous. At Minato, you can enjoy freshly-made tofu, sushi, and steamer baskets, which include a salad, soup, and rice. San Jose is conveniently located next to Santa Clara, which is home to California’s Great America, a park full of roller coasters, live shows, concerts, fireworks, and even water activities. Here, you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Visit for more information. FoodTraveler l Winter 2016 139