Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 140

West Seattle WASHINGTON Seattle is a place where urban lifestyle meets natural beauty. There is something for everyone here, whether you are looking to explore a park or dance the night away with friends. As a seaport city located in King County, Seattle has been recently named as the fastest growing city in America. Originally pegged for its major logging industry, the city is now full of vivacious culture and has become a foodie’s dream. Enjoy fresh fruit and locally farmed ingredients in all of Seattle’s eateries, and tour Washington’s many original wineries, known for their hea HY[\[ܚ\ Y\[]\˂\][[H[H[KX\›ۛH Z[]\ ][[YJH]YHقX]K\H[H[\H[\[ݙ\ L [\Y\ˈ[XXH[\H\›ۙHوHY\\[ []XۚX\[Hٙ\Z[H[\\܈ۛB L\\ۋL][\[\ MY[H\H\][[X[X\H\B][H [X[\YHو]“Y ]\H\X\\\][]XZ\ZH[[ۈ\HXXYX\]Yˈ[ܙH[ ][H\X\][[\ۈ\[H\ܛZ[܈Y\ˈ[[[YY][H]\[\H\B[\XH\ۈHXY] [ܞOܘXH]H[ۙHوX]x&\ŒY][X]HY\]\[وX L\H[Y\X\]\[\ˈZHH[[\H\\[HܛY\H[X]K\›X[H\]\[XX[^H[\X[YY]\[X[Y^X[[ [][X[Z\[KHH[[XB\]\[ \X\\B\Y]HوX\ۘ[ܝ\\\X[Y]YY]\[X[]ܜ˂\\][ۜ\HX[Y[Y [[XH\[^\][H\\]B][YYH[\Y[K]\[HX^H]HXX[Y]ˈBXZ[[\Y[HX]\\[ݘ]]B\HX\X\[]Y]\܈BZ[HܘX\\H\\XY\]]Y[HX\[H^X[KXZ[\\˜\H[\\]KZHHܚ[Y[[ۂ]\[K[[]\ZZ [\\Y[[ۈ]\HۙYK