Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 122

Southeast MARTIN County FLORIDA Conveniently located on Florida’s East Coast, Martin County is part of an area known as the Treasure Coast…a real Florida gem that celebrates small-town life and that hard-tofind “Old Florida” feel. Martin County boasts a beautiful natural landscape from ocean, to river, to lake and everything in between! Building restrictions have limited structures to four stories, preserving breathtaking views throughout the county, yielding Old Florida charm accented with Key West style. Come see for yourself why the area was awarded the “Happiest Seaside Town for 2016,” the first #1 designation for a Florida town. Culinary delights take on new meaning when sustainable, locally-grown food is the way of life and seaside markets provide ample o 'GVGF&VFVfRf7BfB7rV&ǒ#"֖W0rFR67B&V6W26VFRFfGV66W727G&2v6r&R&fFR7G2FVFR7W&bB6B"&vW"wV&B&FV7FV@&V2( 67F( 6W&W2vW2b6Vf@( 2v6'F6VG2'VF6R'W@vBR֖vBBWV7BFfB&Rf&FF&RFVƖvG2BVF6VB7VƖ'ffW&w0F&VvWBFR6VGF2V7FvWBF&VV676rFP6VFW2b'B6W&7GV'B6GV6V&V6FFvWFW"6B&P6VBBWF666BffW'2W&VWFgV&V6W2BsR&2BFVFFP7B&FfW'6RvV677FVFP'FW&V֗7W&RFRF&fW"vF2FFVvV&RfVBvFGvW'0"W72G&frFRbfW"FW&F''G3&V6gBVFW&FR֖֒B&FR2FF66V7Bg&FRW7FR@'W7FRB&V6V7BvFW"W"fFRॖ^( 6fBf&WGbWW&V6W2FF6PW"f7g&&FV2FvVB6r'BvW&W2BRbֶBW6WV2FV6g&VFǒ6VGW'FRGfVGW&W2F226Rf W66rf"rV&W2FB7BvW FFƖW2F26W'FW7bFR'F6VGff6RbFW&6Р#fEG&fVW"vFW"#`