Food Traveler Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 10

WELCOME David-Jacobs Publishing Group and the Food Traveler team are proud to present to you this winter edition of Food Traveler Magazine. In this issue, you will find a handful of the best restaurants in America, along with the histories of what makes them so intriguing. You will also find information on top-rated winter destinations, from mountain getaways to tropical resorts, as well as areas to find inseason seafood, and where to journey for an outstanding craft beer or wine experience. A special “thank you” goes to Ali Khan, host of Cheap Eats on Cooking Channel, for his contribution to this winter issue. Ali has been huge supporter of America’s iconic food culture, and has been reviewing restaurants and traveling all over the country in search of the most unique foodie experience, whether it’s tasting tacos or diving into saucy BBQ. We got up close and personal with Ali in an exclusive interview, where he shares his delightful background story of how he got started in the industry, as well as what a day in the life of filming Cheap Eats entails. In each and every issue, we hope to provide resourceful and interesting information that is needed to plan your next vacation. Each memory made is precious, and whether you’re out and about with the whole family, or spending simple quality time with your spouse, we want you to find the destination you’ve been searching for. Unforgettable hideaways, five-star quality meals, and good people to share it all with is what keeps travel close to our hearts. We like to encourage you to always try new things, and to never turn down the opportunity to experience the magic of culture and cuisine. Wishing you all the best this winter season, Your Food Traveler Team 8 FoodTraveler l Winter 2016