Food Quality Magazine July 2016 - Page 11

ISSUE 03 | JULY 2016 Food Quality Magazine Figure 8. A graphical representation of non-targeted methods: a sample showing a signal outside of the defined authentic sample range (Sample 2) raises an alert. for both authentic and non-authentic samples is developed. Figure 8 shows a representation of the process for non-targeted detection. As an example, when it became obvious that 2014/2015 was going to be a very poor year for olive oil harvest and with rising prices a good incentive for food fraud, a non-targeted screen (NTS) for authentication of extra virgin olive oil was developed by Mèrieux NutriSciences. Authentic Italian olive oil samples were analyzed for more than 500 different parameters by NTS to create a model that represented the range of parameters for authentic oil. Samples were subsequently collected from multiple countries, including Italy, Spain, Turkey, and the U.S. When the model was challenged with adulterated samples (either lower grades of oil or oil of a different provenance), Figure 9. Extra virgin olive oil authenticity prediction model. 11