Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 9 2016 - Page 5

And so, a large operation like The “We were having a hard time measuring The company wanted to move to a Maschhoffs must contend with a all the impacts of our space decisions,” distributed leadership model, with continuous flow of pigs between said Dugan, who oversees the transport smaller geographic territories, to different types of farms – from sow of 700 to 800 trailer truckloads of live give managers a better line of sight (or breeding) facilities, to weaning, pigs each week. into the business’ leased assets and feeding and finishing facilities. The company’s logistical system contracted farming operations. “We have 73 different sow farms, and consisted of Excel spreadsheets, The problem? Without modeling and when piglets grow to about 21 days providing only a small window into predictive technology, they couldn’t old, we need to start looking for the how many pigs were flowing through reliably determine the optimal number best space to house them,” explained their system at any one time. Without of divisions, or which facilities should Morgan Dugan, director of supply chain more precise analytical tools, they be included in each region. management and logistics for The couldn’t project how much farm space Maschhoffs. they’d need in the next month, for instance, or compare the costs of their “We could ask a flow planner to project our flow to sites for the next 52 weeks, owned and leased facilities. but that would require somebody three can accommodate the sows and the The Maschhoff’s analytical and can’t really ‘war game’ different options piglets. In six to 10 weeks, the young predictive limitations became even if you have to wait that long,” pigs are moved to finishing facilities more apparent when company that can accommodate the larger size leaders decided to reorganize the animals. business from a national to a regional Weaning farms are specially equipped for young pigs, with pen sizes that days to complete,” Dugan said. “And you management structure. FDPP - 5