Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 9 2016 - Page 29

However, a standard flow-wrapper The USB port facilitates machine back The innovative Fuji Vision System requires careful handling and up and allows product data to be (FVS) is integrated in to the film positioning meaning it might not uploaded easily. drive roller housing and helps ensure offer the performance and efficiency benefits required by today’s salad and Ideal for the overwrapping of irregular product integrity by checking film tracking, image and joints, label vegetable growers. shaped, fragile or sticky products such “As a result, we developed the rigid Alpha VII back seal flow-wrappers stainless steel frame with heavy duty feature bottom film feeds for easy, castors to allow the flow-wrapper to positive transfer of product from the Optional equipment such as film pre- be moved around more easily, and to infeed conveyor to the film tube. creasing devices, labellers and hole be taken on and off field harvesting rigs simply and quickly. It also provides a stable mounting for the labeller which on an inverted wrapper would normally be freestanding on as fish, sausages or IV bags, Fuji’s The range is capable of operating at speeds up to 250 ppm, with a maximum film width of 650mm and cut off length of 430mm, and capable the floor underneath the infeed.” of handling products measuring up A 12” colour touch screen and multi (height). lingual operator interface can be customised using images, words and illustrations for simplicity and fast and accurate diagnostics, and enables easy operation by foreign workers. to 200mm (width) and 100mm Paramount’s Alpha VII series offer energy saving technology, improved production efficiencies and reduced operating costs. application and print legibility, as well as barcode verification and optical character recognition (OCR). cutters can be installed directly onto the wrapper. A non-contact fibre optic film run out switch makes threading film easier and also prevents marking. Paramount Paramount Packaging’s objectives include the sale, service and ‘all encompassing’ support for Fuji’s range of Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Wrappers. FDPP - 29