Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 9 2016 - Page 24

Aerolite™ - Europe’s Lightest Best Performing Bump Cap On The Market With Air Flow Technology Paramount Packaging Takes A Fresh Approach With Latest Bespoke Flow-Wrapper The HardCap™ AeroLite™ from JSP is the latest addition to the PPE specialist’s range of bump caps designed for work environments where there is a risk of impact between the head and stationary objects. The new bump cap, designed by JSP’s in-house Research & Development team, features a full high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell, so the wearer is protected not only from impact to the front and top of the head but also from scrapes to the side of the head. This significant increase in protection has not been gained at the expense of comfort: the HardCap™ AeroLite™ is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. In fact, at under 135g, the cap weighs about the same as a typical standard-sized smartphone – and it’s just as cool and stylish. New back seal flow-wrapper customised for reliable, high speed operation on mobile field harvesting rigs widely used by salad and vegetable growers Paramount Packaging Systems Ltd – exclusive distributor of Fuji Machinery Company’s horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal equipment in the UK and Ireland – has announced the launch of an Alpha VII FW3710BS/B back seal To significantly reduce heat build-up the sleek textile cover has large open weaved panels to facilitate the transfer of cool air and mitigate the build-up of heat and discomfort – particularly if the cap is being worn over long periods. flow-wrapper that has been adapted for reliable, high speed operation on the The HardCap™ AeroLite™ is available in black or blue, with either a 50mm or 25mm peak. The longer peak provides more shade in outdoor or brightly-lit environments, while the shorter version allows for better vision when looking upward. Ideal for salad and vegetable growers in pa X[\\[[[XY[&\‚[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ\]Z[XHH˚ ˝Z܈H[[  LNNL L [ؚ[HY[\\[YY[H\YH\XHܛ\˂^XH]]ܘ\\\[[YۈH؝\Z[\Y[\ܝ[YH[\HX[]H[YY]H[][ۈH\\[Y˂[ LL MLL˜\[[[ \XY[˘˝Z‚\[ܜ‚XܙY]Y[\\[‰\Y^B[Y][ۈ] XܙY]YܘYH \X][ۈ\][ۋP\œY[[HH۝[YY][Y[و]\[[\\[™X[]Y\[[H]HXܙY]][ۈ\[KP\]\ ۝[[\[\\[[\]YۚYX[B[ܙX\\][\\[\X]H[ M[\\H\ܝY]\]X[\][ۈ[\YZ\X[]Y\[\Bۜ\[[[\\]\\\H۝[X[HXY]Y ۝XX[\[ۙHۈ MLH MH MNX[[ ˝Z˚[ ˝ZŒ H˙ ˝Z‚ݚY\ۋ[[BYX\\[Y[][ۜ܂ [XY[[X[X[YX\\\[“TۋX۝X[ܜœ]X[YH[ [\\H[Y\]H]ZY &]x&HXY[[XB[][HYXY[BY[K][[ق\\[Y]\X\Y\܈ݙ[\Y[B[YH[[\\]\H܂YY܈ZYX܈\X]܈[H\Bو][\[[[]\Y\[ܙX\YY] \[\B\YH[ۜ\[]X[]BX [ܜ\HۙY\Y\\X][ێ YܘYHP ܈Y[\\]\BP ш܈X[YX\\[P ܈X\X[Xٚ[[œ\[H܈XY[[X[X[YX\\˂[ ML͈  X˜\[ܜ˘B