Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 9 2016 - Page 22

Wiggle “moved” by CSL Conveyor Systems Ltd have recently completed a major installation supplying an extensive pack and sortation conveyor solution for global online retailer Wiggle Ltd. Operating as the UK’s #1 online Cycle, Run & Swim retailer along with being recently voted the Which? recommended #1 online outdoor & lei \H [ MKYHH۝[[\‚[ܝ[Hۈ L[\[ ܛوH\[\^HB\]ۙ\܈\\]H\Y\‚X\[ۈ[]HH\][ۂ[\X\ˈH\[HYYY‚H\\ۜY]Y[[Y[H]\L\\Z[]B[H ̌ K H[H\و\Z[^\[ZYBZY[HH][\HX[\HX[\[[\‚]\\]Y[ܝ[] \H\وXXHY[BY\HYܛ\[\\H۝^[܈\[HX\‚8&\X[]HݚYHH[[[ۜ]Y][ۈ\^H›YY][HYY[[[B۝X \[YY\[B]\ Q][ٝ\B[\X[\HH\[H\BYK[ZH\][ۘ[\\[][ۂ[H]Z[[ˈHYY\X[HXYۜYۛY[™H XX\X\ݙ\ ܜ‚ H˙ ˝Z‚XX[H\YۙYH]ݙ\L YK\[[Y\Y[]Z[Y\Z[[X[[[Y[Y\[ۜXYHBX[Y[Y[[\]ܜ˜]YH]\][BXۚ\[Z\\]Z\[Y[ۜY\[H\\^Hق\\[^\وX[ݙ\Z[\][ۘ[\Y\˂ԒUSH۝^[܈\[\ԐTHH۝^[܈\[\