Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 9 2016 - Page 16

Commercial Salad Growers Box Clever With Spelsberg Spelsberg electrical enclosures the design and build of reinforced and 6,415kW of heat. State of the have been used in a high tech concrete bases, including free art equipment is used throughout, environmental control system for a standing engine bases. including electrical enclosures commercial greenhouse operated by one of the largest salad growers in the In another aspect of the project, from Spelsberg made from high performance engineering plastic. UK. CambridgeHOK fitted all of the interconnecting pipework between These replace the older style metal Serving a market that is increasingly the backup boiler plant and the Rolls enclosures that were used previously demanding and competitive, salad Royce engines for high and low and bring benefits such as more growers need state of the art energy temperature heat requirements and stable internal temperatures, high efficiency, lighting and climate control management of carbon dioxide from strength, reduce corrosion and – throughout their massive commercial the flue gases. Related to this was because they are visible to visitors – greenhouses. The electrical systems the installing of two 5,600,000 litres smart appearance. are therefore huge, often linking insulated hot water storage tanks to multiple greenhouses via an store the heat from the CHP engines interconnected control system. during the day, so that it can be The electricity produced is fed into the local grid, while the extracted utilised in the greenhouses overnight. heat from the exhaust gases and the manufacturer of commercial The new Energy Centre Portal heat the greenhouses. Further, after greenhouses, has designed, installed framed buildings that house all of cleaning, the engine exhaust gases and commissioned the infrastructure the plant were designed and built are injected into the greenhouses to surrounding four 5.5MW Rolls Royce by CambridgeHOK using composite increase the ambient carbon dioxide engines that are used in a combined panels. CambridgeHOK also designed content in order to promote plant heat and power (CHP) plant for a the electrical and control systems for growth. major grower on the Isle of Wight. The the whole facility from 33kV at grid project was centred on the need to to LV and ELV circuits, utilising a Priva modernise facilities, mainly to ensure BMS control system to manage the energy efficiency but also to improve engines. CambridgeHOK, the UK's leading control and ensure the equipment and technology were state of the art so that safety and reliability were world- The new energy centre is home class. to the latest It involved the demolition of existing represented facilities and the building of two new by four Rolls CHP energy centres that serves the Royce gensets massive 27 Hectare (270,000 square or gas engines, metres or 67 Acres) of glasshouses. each producing It also included geo-technical surveys 5,605kW of to establish ground conditions and electrical power 16 FDPP - CHP technology, engine cooling systems will be used to CambridgeHOK selected Spelsberg to supply all the electrical enclosures and junction boxes required for the electrical and control systems.