Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 6

Ty-Rap® Detectable fastening solutions Designed to perform in food & beverage Absolutely. Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties help mitigate contamination risks in the food & beverage sector. The Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties from ABB incorporate a unique compound (patent pending) that can be detected by X-Ray equipment, metal detectors and visual inspection equipment. By specifying the Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties and accessories of ABB for your plant you help reducing the risk of product contamination. Tel. +44 (0) 333 999 9900 Fax. +44 (0) 333 999 9901 E-mail: lv.enquiries @ Company Meets Demanding Requirements Of Dairy And Baby Food Industry Newly Designed Magnetic Separator Based On Ehedg Guidelines The Hydrohansu-type rotating cleanflow magnet recently introduced by Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV of Waalre (NL) was developed in collaboration with producers of top-tier food products. The driving force was a pressing need for removal of very fine iron (Fe), AISI 304 and 316L particles in the dairy industry, for products such as baby food, yet it is also suitable for use in the sugar and lactose industry. Rotating magnets prevent the accumulation of fatty powders on the magnetic bars and guarantee a high level of separation. The new magnet system is hygienically designed in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines and can be cleaned semi-automatically. New Surface treatment technique For the Hydrohansu magnetic separator the company uses a new surface treatment technique. The Hygienic Wet Blasting process, developed in collaboration with TNO, reduces the surface roughness of the stainless steel (304/316) casing to Ra ≤0.6 µm. This enormously reduces adhesion (low SRI values) of both wet and dry products to the magnet while also considerably reducing adhesion of bacterial and microbial contaminants and providing optimum corrosion-resistance. Moreover, this wet, green surface treatment improves the cleanability of the magnetic separator – an extra guarantee that no bacterial growth occurs during production. This makes the magnet superbly suited for the high quality food industry and it therefore also meets all the standards applicable to this industry, such as EN1672-2, EN ISO14159, 2006/42/EC, (EC)1935/2004 and EHEDG. Assembly and Controls Technology is a flexible solutions provider for electrical and mechanical assembly of a wide range of products While we specialise in Control Panel and Terminal box assembly our services also include the assembly of a variety of electrical and mechanical products, catering for all activities from prototype/low volume to high production runs in either a labour only or full procurement capacity dependent on your needs. Couple this with our testing capabilities, our services provide you with a one stop solution for your requirements, giving you flexible outsourcing service or additional capacity without the overheads. Some of our customers include, Weidmuller, Contactum, Cummis Power, Rockwell, Eaton Williams. 6 FDPP -