Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 52

Driving innovation. Achieving flexibility. Improving simplicity. Ultrasonic Sensor UMB800  Ultracompact all stainless steel ultrasonic sensor (1.4404/316L)  EHEDG and ECOLAB certification: specifically designed for use in food contact zones (hygienic design)  Resistant against aggressive chemicals and detergents  Maximum flexibility for integration into existing equipment and machinery Process Sensors World Leading Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensors made in Scotland Scotland is well known for producing delicious foodstuffs, but did you know that the production and well-being is assisted by the monitoring of CO2 levels? Insignia Technologies Ltd and Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSS), based near Glasgow, produce World leading CO2 sensors. GSS manufacture unique solid state, low power and fast response Non-Dispersive Infrared sensors used in food production facilities. Insignia Technologies utilise intelligent plastics and pigments to produce simple, cost effective CO2 activated, colour-changing labels for food packaging. For more information please visit: 52 FDPP - Provides on-line measurement solutions for food, drink, packaging and label manufacturers using NIR non-contact sensors to quantify oil, moisture and adhesive coat weight. ‘Live’ readings enable optimum efficiency through finetuning of process parameters such as fryer or oven residence time and temperature for fried or baked products, or applicator in the case of coatings resulting in fewer stoppages, increased throughput, lower energy usage and consistent quality product. Sensors are configured per application; food-grade MCT 460 or high temperature MCT 466 SF for food manufacturers and MCT 460 or Guardian web profiling system for packaging and label manufacturers. Tel: 01536 408066 Web: