Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 47

Designed for maximum performance, RC700-A controller also provides our delivers robots for precision assembly all C8-Series robots use high quality industry leading Epson RC+ Controls and material handling applications in components to achieve high rigidity in software and lots of fully integrated the aerospace, appliance, automotive, a light weight arm. Through Epson’s options such as: Vision Guidance, biotechnology, consumer product, unique QMEMSTM vibration sensing .Net support, Conveyor Tracking, electronics, food processing, technology, Epson C4 and C8-Series GUI Builder, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, medical device, pharmaceutical, arms automatically detect and adjust Profibus and much more. plastics, semiconductor, and for vibration and therefore maximize Epson Robots is the global leader telecommunication industries. More speed and accel/decel rates. This in PC controlled precision factory information can be found on the translates to faster cycle times even automation, with an installed base company’s website at with heavier payloads as compared to of well over 50,000 robots and a, or contact us other similarly sized 6-axis models. product line of hundreds of models at Epson Robots, 1650 Glenn Curtiss Epson C8-Series robots come with of easy to use SCARA, Cartesian and St, Carson, CA 90746, USA. our RC700-A controller and provide 6 axis robots based on a common PC For more information, call the ultimate experience in ease of use, based platform. Building on a 30+ +1.562.290.5997 or go to power and reliability. In addition, the year heritage, Epson Robots today Epson With over 55,000+ robots installed in factories throughout the world, many of the top manufacturing companies rely on EPSON Robots every day to reduce production NOTE WRITTEN BY Epson PHOTOGRAPHY BY Epson costs, improve product quality, increase yields and help increase their bottom line. EPSON Robots are well known industry wide for their ease of use, reliability, performance and overall value.