Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 30

Automated Distribution Warehouse Labelling System ALTech have recently installed multiple ALritma and ALcode labelling heads into Smyths Toys’ new 500,000 sq.ft. Corby automated distribution warehouse with high bay storage and automated picking facilities. NOTE WRITTEN BY ALTech PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALTech Smyths Toys, being one of the opposite handed ALritma labelling Once the boxes have travelled leading provider of children’s toys heads with standard peeler around the extensive warehouse and entertainment products, require applicators. Following application, conveyor system, and the order 24/7 operation and as such reliable confirmation of matching codes on has been allocated and picked and robust labelling machinery is each side of the carton are verified to the box, they return to one of critical to their business.There are using a pair of barcode readers. six despatch lines equipped with two key applications on this site; This read also ‘announces’ the various fill packaging, strapping order start ‘licence plate’ sequential box’s existence to the Warehouse and carton closing technologies barcode labelling and end of line Management System (WMS) and (depending on the type of product carton shipping labelling.‘Licence an order is allocated to the box; the being shipped). Each line is plate’ sequential barcode labelling automatic conveyor then routes the fitted with an extremely robust gives the box an identity and is box to the required pick locations ALcode one-to-one print and applied to the front and back of in the warehouse.For simplicity apply labelling system with a newly formed empty cartons as of WMS integration Smyths Toys long stroke ‘tamp’ applicator that they exit a Comarme case erector, chose to make use of digital label is able to accommodate boxes whilst still being securely held production and apply a pre-printed of varying heights via its digital within the side drive units of this sequential label stock; ALTech are pressure sensor system and Festo system; the labelled boxes are also able to and more frequently pneumatics. then inducted onto the automatic supply on demand print and apply conveying system.Pre-printed solutions to perform the task in real E-Mail: sequential labels are applied via time. Website: a pair of horizontally opposed 30 FDPP -