Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 26

Green your energy with green gas Barrow Green Gas supplying green gas to British Industry “…. over three-quarters (76%) of UK adults pay attention to the ethical and green credentials of products, including manufacturing and distribution processes, as well as the reputation of companies or brands.” Mintel’s Four Key UK Consumer Trends for 2015 Many food and drink manufacturers and processors are now adopting sustainable manufacturing processes to respond to growing consumer demand for greener products The Food and Drink industry uses more gas than any other sector in the UK. Gas, more environmentally friendly than coal and oil, is still a fossil fuel. But gas is also convenient and competitively priced, so is there a green alternative?? Yes, today there is a simple way to keep running on gas and go green - just switch to using green gas. Biomethane, or green gas, can be produced from food waste, sewage or energy crops. To get it to the customer, biomethane is injected into the gas grid then tracked using the Green Gas Certification Scheme, which ensures the customer is getting 100% green gas. Barrow Green Gas (BGG) is the UK’s premier green gas supplier, supplying the most green gas into the natural gas network. BGG is focussed solely on the biomethane market, supporting biomethane 26 FDPP - producers, and supplying biomethane to gas buyers. Wyke Farms, one of the UK’s largest cheese producers, has put sustainability at the heart of its business. Wyke not only use green gas, but make it themselves. The company has been at the forefront of exploiting new gas technology since late 2014 when it first injected biomethane into the gas grid. Wyke produces biomethane from dairy and farm waste for use on site, with the excess injected into the gas grid. Wyke then uses biomethane, supplied via BGG, to provide energy for its cheese manufacturing plant, which is on a different site to the AD Plant. Barrow Green Gas holds GB Gas Shipper and Supplier Licences, offers flexible contracts, tailored individual support and transparency. Green gas is supplied at prices linked to the natural gas ‘daily system clearing price’ – where prices are driven by real supply and real demand on the day. So if you’re interested in learning more about how green gas could fit into your business, please contact or call John Baldwin on Tel: 0121 247 5783 For more information, go to