Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 22

CelluComp CelluComp is a material science company producing Curran® - a nano-fibre product made from agri-food waste streams from root crop. As a mechanical enhancer with thickening properties, this product can be used to improve properties in many different products, such as paints & coatings and concrete. Process At present, the main feedstock is sugar beet pulp, a by-product of sugar processing commonly used for animal feeds. Curran® is produced from this renewable feedstock using Zero Waste Scotland: green chemistry processes including Background water-based reactions at low Founded by material scientists Dr temperatures and pressures which David Hepworth and Dr Eric Whale, maximise the energy efficiency of the CelluComp produces a product called manufacturing process. Curran® (Gaelic for carrot), which Image copyright: CelluComp makes use of nano-fibres contained As a result, Curran® has lower unit processing as within food processing by-products energy consumption than that of we do not want our feedstocks including root vegetables and sugar other paint thickeners and reduces to compete with land for growing beet. CelluComp operates a small the food.” scale production facility in Glenrothes. food processing residues. Curran® Dr Eric Whale, Co-Founder Operational 2015, is produced as a granulated product production looks set to expand. powder alongside residues which are Facilities of this size could be high in sugars and polysaccharides. replicated all over the world and co- CelluComp located with feedstock providers such options to develop further products as sugar processors or with Curran® from these residues ranging from users e.g. paint manufacturers. animal feeds to commodity chemicals. “We want to be as sustainable as possible and Curran® is produced using green chemistry processes. We only use by-products and residues from agriculture and food NOTE WRITTEN BY Zero Waste Scotland PHOTOGRAPHY BY Zero Waste Scotland 22 FDPP - since March environmental is impact currently from exploring Zero Waste Scotland supports the development of circular economy systems, models and products. For information on the support available, contact the Circular Economy team on