Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 8 2016 - Page 20

TOMRA QVision: The QVision analyser allows meat and seafood suppliers to provide a consistent product quality that provides large savings by increasing profitability and simplifying daily operation. the equipment can be installed, without technical limitations or local regulations.” A CUTTING EDGE VISION AND SOLUTION FOR THE MEAT INDUSTRY data access and management, generating daily integrated or exportable reports, thereby TOMRA’s QVision system is a simplifying all of the processes. investment, Jouvin insists that “in continuous analysis solution The Qvision’s high capacity, simple any food business, the quality of which uses sensors to measure handling, easy cleaning and low the finished product is a crucial fat, collagen, protein and moisture energy consumption make it the best intangible. Our decision to purchase content in meat, whether fresh or alternative for analysis and process the QVision was based on our sense frozen, as well as in different shapes control in the meat industry. The and conviction that this tool would and sizes (small cuts of meat, diced system also generates important play an important part in our return meat, ground meat). cost savings by reducing lean on investment due to the positive The QVision analyzer uses giveaway, thereby increasing profits. image it conveys to our customers. interactance spectroscopy In addition, the QVision allows Both our suppliers and customers technology to analyze light in the complete traceability, higher are satisfied and trust the new VIS-near infrared range, penetrating productivity, consistent quality in QVision analyzer: the former because deep into the meat and measuring the finished product, a reduction in of the objectivity of the analytical products and production in real time. human error and smarter purchasing method and the latter because of the The equipment is able to analyze 30 of raw materials. consistency in quality that it affords,” tons of meat per hour and allows Regarding the expected return on concludes Jouvin. 20 FDPP -