Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 7 2016 - Page 5

James Saywell, Endoline’s Southern integrated an existing labeller and metal Sales Manager, comments: “As the detector into the end of the conveyor. boxes running along the first conveyor The were empty and therefore light we transported back to a storage freezer *All foods carrying the Red built this system on an incline to run at to ensure they remain at an ambient Tractor mark have been produced head level for the packers to ensure it temperature before being palletised and was ergonomically friendly and also to transported to customers. are then immediately make the packing process as swift as ,, boxes to British Farm Standard, which covers everything from possible.” The second, lower conveyor “A case can be formed filled, sealed and environmental practices to food line runs the filled boxes straight through checked within 1 minute” explains James, “this ensures that the product remains at hygiene, food safety and animal to the Endoline case sealer to deliver a professionally sealed box. Endoline its frozen temperature so, while packing project managed the entire line and is efficient, it is done in a timely manner welfare, all of which is checked via strict independent inspections. to preserve quality.” MD Peter Millen explains how the new facility is the final piece of the puzzle to ensure the company has everything it needs to continue to move forward: “With the UK foodservice sector as vibrant and diverse as it is and interest in our breads going through the roof, this new site was vital for us in order to keep up with demand and continue to grow. Our new facility and the automated Endoline packing line give us the high-spec packaging plant I envisaged and it offers Speciality Breads scope for future growth.”