Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 7 2016 - Page 30

PROSEAL LAUNCHES LARGE CAPACITY TRAY SEALER Heat sealing specialist Proseal has introduced a new tray sealer specifically designed to handle very large food trays. The GT5exSD is fully flexible and adaptable to handle any type of packing operation, including MAP gas flushing, Vacuum MAP sealing, skin packaging below and above the flange, and Skin Deep. Maximum throughput is achieved thank to Proseal’s Pro-Motion system, which uses following motion and intelligent buffering technology to enable trays to feed continuously into the sealer without stopping. Customers can simply select the format types they require and these can be added to or taken off at any time. An auto-detect product flow monitoring system regulates the speed of the infeed conveyor according the amount of trays being supplied. This typically increases speeds by up to 30%. This allows food manufacturers to change their pack formats in line with customer demands without having to invest in new equipment. Proseal’s E-seal® technology meanwhile provides high quality seal reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the food retail sector while delivering a 92% reduction in energy usage, which offers valuable cost savings and sustainability benefits. Equally important, the machine boasts the most hygienic design of any tray sealer with rapid strip down of the product handling conveyors allowing deep cleaning to be carried out quickly and easily.