Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 7 2016 - Page 22

Product News Lighthouse New Website New flow regulating hopper : First displayed at the CFIA exhibition in Rennes (France) from March 10th to 12th We are currently developing a brand new web site. Our head of web design at Lighthouse, Richard Bottrill, is aiming to introduce new features, facilities and faster navigation. Precision Measurement Machine Vision System We invite you to join us on our stand in order to discover our new feeding hopper, specifically designed for the high speed lifting of compact products. ‘Technology is constantly evolving and our existing site has worked extremely well over the last few years. With the launch of new products, we are keen to develop our online presence further still. Through a combination of customer feedback and technical data from visitors, we can build a clear picture of the functionality needed to keep us at the forefront of the industry.’ The cylinders which have been set on this new hopper bring a solution for the lifting of pasty products which come out of production in the form of blocks (purees, fresh cheese). 21st January 2016. Final set-up and installation of a new vision system machine for precision measurement. Checking focus and mechanical settings for tooling. Dual axis servo control with linescan and areascan sensors. Keep up to date with our latest photos by following us on Instagram: These cylinders enable to model the product so as to fit the diameter of the tube formed by the Liftvrac and thus avoid any risk of obstruction. If there’s anything you’d like to see on our new site, please contact uswith your suggestions. Flexible solutions for fish industry A real change in philosophy, this commissioning of 5 ECOWRAP ETW 202 type in Poland! We achieved a support towards carton mechanization of 4 formats and the future possibility of increasing speed from 80 up to 120 packs/min to satisfy the increasing demand, here is the flexibility our customer was looking for. A partnership was entered between customer's packaging department and ETPACK SPRINTER's mechanization department to design the best blanks, for mechanization and to meet marketing departments' expectations of our customer's partners, especially focusing on easy opening. Today, high increase of salmons sales is for ETPACK SPRINTER the best judge of reliability and customer's satisfaction. l Tel: +33 (0) 298 946 999 l