Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 19 2018 - Page 8

‘M’ Series Metering Screw Feeders Metering Screw Feeders are specially • Plastics designed to continuously dose materials, • Environmental from harsh granules to fine powders, at • Non-woven a constant volume to high accuracies. • Chemical The feeder is made up of a feeder body, • Animal & Pet Foods complete with rotating agitator and various control functions which provide We understand one Screw Feeder cannot constant or intermittent feeding to always meet all customer requirements. suit the nature of the products being Utilising the latest powder dosing handled. The agitator manipulates the technology Trantec’s Metering Screw product to a uniform density and breaks Feeders can be quickly configured to meet any bridges that may form in the feeder the demands of almost any application.  body. The product is administered into an auger screw, which can be rotated at variable speeds, ensuring accurate metering at a constant volume of 1% to 2% typically. Whilst mo