Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 19 2018 - Page 11

Happy with the result: Michael Fahr (Leuze electronic), Jan Kronenberg and Thomas Berger (SN Maschinenbau) (from left) visualization system now with the LSIS the LSIS 462i has been integrated into also down to the homogeneous lighting 462i is a camera-based technology. This the new bag packaging machine also in a integrated into the LSIS 462i,” adds becomes an absolute high-end solution in stainless steel protective housing with a Michael Fahr. Due to its integrated, combination with the employed KRTM20 high IP degree of protection, which does strong RGB LEDs, the new camera-based contrast sensor, which can save different not compromise its detection capability in visualization optics are highly independent contrast values of print marks on the any way. of ambient light and can be specifically packaging, which can be accessed directly adapted to every conceivable packaging from the control. “Such a convenient, and CHECKING EXPIRATION DATES design. Its focus can also be changed at the same time, economical solution Another challenge in this application is automatically in motor-driven fashion. had been in my mind for a long time. But posed by checking the legibility of the It requires no mechanical intervention up until now, I had not yet found a way to expiration date labels. If expiration date or even the opening of the camera by a make this a reality,” says Thomas Berger. codes were printed in poor quality in member of staff. Changes to packaging He is clearly delighted with this high-end the past, the data was illegible due to characteristics can be conveniently stored model. In the past, either reference codes misprints in the packaging system or in recipes and accessed with the machine could be detected, which were depicted the print was missing completely, such recipe by the user. in the form of a bar code, or 2D-codes. bags would only be able to be detected “In order to be prepared for the future in this high-speed application with very IMPRESSIVE ALL ROUND – A COMPLETE tasks of our customers, it is important to expensive systems. By contrast, the SOLUTION have a solution for bar codes, data matrix new smart camera technology evaluates Jan Kronenberg and Thomas Berger agree codes and QR codes simultaneously,” the expiration date labels on every that the complete solution impresses points out Berger. For this problem, too, single bag by means of several quality on every level: The stationary LSIS 462i Michael Fahr had the fitting solution for features – both at a standstill and when from Leuze electronic employed in this him with the smart camera, because the moving at up to 4 m/s. A second LSIS application combines expertise garnered LSIS 462i is a multi-code-capable high- 462i detects the quality of each and over several decades from the field of speed reader which can detect different every code in the same way and also 1D-code reading with innovative smart types of reference codes. The check takes performs a reference code comparison, camera technology. It reads bar codes, place while the packaging is moving at so that the packaging actually contains 1D-codes and 2D-codes reliably, both a speed of up to 4 m/s. Due to the strict what it proclaims. “Last but not least, printed and directly marked. At the same hygiene conditions in the food industry, clear legibility of the expiration dates is time, it detects expiration dates. FDPP - 11