Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 50

Bottled water producer Highland Spring selects Mainsaver CMMS Brewers will be shown how innovative Daniel will be covering the challenges those characteristics that brewers work filtration technology can help them save faced by brewers in keeping beer tasting so hard to attain, while reducing their on utility costs and reduce beer losses at a fresh while also maintaining a good shelf operational costs. presentation in Manchester this month. life, and how sterile filtration compares to Parker Bioscience, which provides filtration solutions for the global food and flash pasteurisation in reducing the overall operational costs of producing microbially “At Parker Bioscience, our 50+ years of experience in the provision of high quality stable beer. filtration products can help brewers meet advantages of sterile filtration for brewers Parker Bioscience has specialist expertise brewing market and we’re looking forward at a leading conference for brewers and in the brewing, bottled water, wine and to helping IBD members in meeting their distillers. dairy industries, and supports companies challenges.” beverage industries, will be presenting the The Institute o