Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 5

The Filter Press Co. Ltd. Process Filtration Solutions Filter Press • Filter Presses can be divided into “recessed plate” and “plate and frame” Presses, which are used for solid – liquid separation of various processes, slurries, and sludge’s. • The Filter plates are compressed together using a hydraulic system, or they can be electro mechanically operated if required. • The solid particles and liquid are separated through a fi lter cloth which is matched to your particular process. • These Filter Presses are simple and safe in operation, and very economical to use. • Our Model sizes include the: 320mm, 450mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1 mtr, 1.25 mtr, 1.5 mtr and 2 mtr square plates. • An impressive Filtration area of up to 2000 m². • Filter plate materials can be: reinforced Polypropylene, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, or to our customer’s spec. Stainless Steel Multi-Bag Filter Vessel • With fl ows through these fi lters of up to 840m³/hr. • Our Stainless Steel Multi-Bag Filter Vessels are manufactured in many sizes and confi gurations utilising a large fi ltration area. • Using from 2, up to 24 easily fi tted and sealed polypropylene fi lter bags. • The size of fi lter bags are from No 1’s to No 4’s and are easily removed and replaced. • The Filter housing shell is designed for pressures up to 10 bar, with a fi ltration accuracy level down to 0.5µm, and temperatures up to 110ºC. • They are designed for use with liquids and gases. • Material of Construction can be 316L, 304, Carbon Steel, or come coated with a chemical resistant protective coating or exotic material. Belt Filter Press • A Belt Filter Press is an ideal sludge-dewatering system which is widely used in the food stuff , chemical, coal, paper making, and wastewater sewage industry. • A Belt Filter Press can also be used for liquid-solid separation in many other processes. • The main feature of this type of press are high effi ciency, good dewatering eff ects and low power consumption. Basket Centrifuges We can supply New ATEX Certifi ed basket Centrifuges for many industries, in all sizes and manufactured in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Exotic steels, coated in Rubber or Halar, or to our customer requirements. We also supply refurbished equipment. We also supply Decanter, Disc Stack, and Worm Screen Centrifuges. More info at All the above types of Filtration Equipment are widely used for chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuff , metallurgy, foodstuff , textile, printing and dying, paper making and sewage treatment industries. Please visit The Filter Press Co. Ltd sales@fi South Side Works, South Street, Huddersfi eld, West Yorkshire, HD1 4UG Tel: 01484 548200 – Fax: 01484 502274