Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 43

Lorien Launches Dairy Capacity Modelling Tool Lorien Engineering Solutions has launched a tool that enables dairy producers to spot bottlenecks and drive expansion of production lines. OPTI-Milk models milk and cream processing from intake to filling to demonstrate the theoretical capacity of a dairy, including CIP. The detailed data provided can be utilised throughout the manufacturing process from raw ingredients to the finished product. The software was successfully developed for the brewing industry but has been modified to enable dairy manufacturers to drive efficiencies in their production process. Lorien is a Burton on Trent-based engineering design and project management firm with a track record of providing engineering design and project management to some of the UK’s best- known food and drink brands. Nicholas Jones, project manager at Lorien, said: “This tool is based on the principle that good, strategic decisions are made with good information. “By adding empirical Overall Equipment Effectiveness figures and known restrictions, we can show maximum by understanding the impact on capacity and safety compliance, and sustainability. by taking key equipment out of service for It is a division of GP Strategies maintenance or failure. Corporation, a global engineering and technical services organisation capacities. When a step change in “The nature of its open framework production capacity is planned, OPTI- means OPI-Milk can be adapted for other Milk highlights the pinch points in the processes across the food and dairy Food and drink is the firm’s largest process and identifies the extra plant and industry and enables one process to sector by revenue, with a specialist team equipment needed. cascade into another.” handling engineering projects from study “It can be easily reconfigured for different Lorien specialises in capital projects for scenarios, such as varying OEE figures or food, brewing, drinks, life sciences, biotech headquartered in Maryland, USA. phase through design and procurement to final commissioning and handover. FDPP - 43