Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 4

Safety: The right tool for the job Terry Kendrew, Managing Director at A good example of this is in recent As comprehensive and capable as the Impact Handling, continues to shine instances where we have customised offerings from brands such as Cat Lift a spotlight on achieving a return from machines and designed unique Trucks are, find a supplier who can investing in material handling safety. attachments to handle awkward and complement these with specialist unusual loads. machines from niche manufacturers, Investing in equipment that is as where appropriate. safe as possible and that removes Previously loads had been handled by compromise from a handling machines that were compromised in Leave no stone unturned in operation, means choosing, specifying terms of their load centres, operator customising machines for your and customising machines that are visibility and site compatibility. This operation’s specific needs. Remember absolutely right, in every way, for their led to questionable handling practices manufacturers can be reluctant to applications. which elevated risk and posed stray too far from their standard spec, dangers, particularly to pedestrians, as so make sure your handling partner well as placing potential liability on the is willing and able to go further in business. creating the perfect machines for While this may mean a little extra initial outlay, such machines will you – even if this means designing typically also bring increased efficiency that results in lower operational costs. Our new equipment not only mitigated something entirely unique, or able to risk, but also delivered immediate function across multiple roles. When these savings are considered efficiency improvements most notably over the life of the machines, they through journey reductions and will usually far outweigh any initial the removal of excessive strain on additional spend. equipment, which had been causing It’s an approach we strongly believe in at Impact. Adopting a consultative role to guide our customers through the dizzying array of options to identify unnecessary costs from down time and damage. Introducing machines into a fleet that are absolutely ideal for their application does however require Ensure your supplier agreement is flexible, so that if your application or demand changes, you can alter your fleet to suit without penalty. Finally, don’t forget the importance of your operators. Handling equipment that instils greater driver confidence – through enhanced comfort, visibility some thinking outside the box. and control – is not only inherently both enhanced safety and real-world Don’t just look at one manufacturer to productivity be VfG2'F7V&ǒfW 6fw27&VFRW"fVWBvW"6gG2FRFV6WF2&RFFVƗfW BdEwwrfG6V6fW"26&fVFFVƗfW