Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 35

Elimination of complex and expensive pneumatic components also helps to minimise ownership costs. Improved depositing accuracy is achieved from the direct relationship between the lead-screw and weight control gauge where full stroke is indicated by a reading of 100%. This coupled with precision turned piston seals rather than a moulded seal giving improved contact and accurate weight control. Following the initial launch, a twin D252 and triple D253 version of the machine were made available for customers with multi-head depositing applications. Mini M250, M252 and M253 versions are also in the range for clients with requirements that are in the 4ml to 320ml volume sphere. Recently the design parameters have been applied to the companies LD2000 range of machines offering capacity to deposit 200ml to 2250ml. Multi Lane Depositor The development also extended to the Turbo range of depositor nozzles and decorating heads by introducing designs free of pins and clips to secure assembly of the component parts. Turnkey Projects and Production Lines Whilst the company has a special brand image for expertise in depositing it is also proud of its turnkey project capabilities offering solutions from raw material processing to finished goods complete for despatch. All this is achieved by combining pieces of equipment from the company’s extensive product range and project managing bought in or free issue equipment. Other products include • • Volumetric Dry Fill (top left) Servo-driven depositors • Hot water circulation units for temperature sensitive products • Product transfer pump systems • Extrusion systems • Belt, slatband and chain conveyor systems • Aeration Equipment • Muffin, gateau, cake production lines and coating and decorating equipment • Rotary processing tables • In line pallet processing tracks • Process tooling to support rotary table and in pallet tracks • Scroll type pot denesters • Lid placing units • Lid tamping units • Plastic and foil placing units • Automatic discharge units Turbo Systems Phone: +44 (0) 1482 325651 Automatic Tray Denester FDPP - 35