Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 34

Turbo Systems Since the launch of Turbo Systems current generation of D250 volumetric depositor which followed an extensive programme of research and development. Designed in consultation with major food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and automotive companies, the D250 demonstrates significant benefits to end users. Turbo Systems analysed its main competitor’s machinery to ensure wherever possible the D250 exceeds its rivals on technical specification and practical application. The machine incorporates many features that will deliver tangible benefits to investors who need to submit capital justifications to main board directors, investors and financial institutions. Environmentally the machine offers reduced sound emissions of 70dbA 34 FDPP - maximum. Air consumption has been cut by 15% to 14cfm maximum, whilst increasing speed by 24% to 68 cycles per minute at maximum stroke. The machine boasts a dramatic reduction in the number of components to half requiring removal and reassembly compared to previous models, greatly reducing strip down time. Additional improved hygiene aspects of the machine include telescopic stands with inverted stainless steel sections and polyurethane tyres to improve and manoeuvrability. Speed controls in the front bulkhead of the machine are now sealed to extend life and prevent product and cleaning agent ingress. Inside, the base chassis of the machine has no return lips to improve access and internal hygiene of the machine. Benefits for maintenance engineers include main air supply indication and lockable on / off switch. D250 Depositor