Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 30

Non-invasive thermometry system, Celsius, set to be demonstrated at FOODex 2018 Cerulean will be showcasing their accurate and sustainable equipment this April, in front of 30,000 attendees at the Birmingham NEC. The UK show for processing, packaging analysis with no physical data trail, operational Celsius Midi on the stand and logistics is expected to be eliminating any human error. along with C-Dass, to simulate running particularly well attended this year, and capturing data in real-time. possibly due to the current Food The non-destructive nature of Celsius Standards Agency (FSA) investigation of also eliminates the need to remove Mark McMahon, Cerulean Area Sales meat cutting premises and cold stores packaging. It can only be beneficial for Manager said, “We \H[YYBZ[XK\[\Y][ۈ\\[Y\^H\HZ[[[ۜ][H\X[]Y\و[]\œ\[Y[\[\\]Y][Z\\[YX[\YK\XX[H]HR&\[ZY\YH][܈\\[Z[Z[\ܘYHHۜY\[H]\XHH\[XY[[\Xˈ\Y\[[X\]H\]Z\Y[\H[\\\X[ۈܘ[[YHYY[\Y\]Z\Y[\[XYB\[H]Z[XK ԐT H[X\Y[[X\H N [\ݚ[H\Z[X[]H[ق[\H[HR\X[YX\\XܛH[H[B[ܙX\YH \[ [\[]\[ܙHܚ]X[[]\[]\YX\\\H]\YB[\\]\HوY[H[B܈R\[\\؝Z[X\]H[L0 0[\^\[XZ[X]H\X[وH[XXH]KH\H^]Y\ܝ\HXY[܈H\]܋[^ۋ][\X܋ZY8'^HZ[\و[\ݚ[XXX[]KH\\\\YY[H H[\H\[H\ܝ[]H\ݙ\ۜ[Y\\[[ٛܛZ[›YH[\KHH܈[H]\[ݘ][ۜXY\[[\HX]]x'K]]X]XXY[[[ۈ[]\[[Y[]YX[ܚ[[\ݙH\[ۈH\X[\^H[[HX܋[[[][[[[]\[[ۜ][ۜ[HZ[][XۙˈH[\\]\H[\[Y \]X[]KYHX\HXH][K[ KۈB[HX[Y܈[XXX[]H]Z[XH܈ۜ[Y\\\K'H\]\H\H[ۙ^H M BوYX\\[Y[ˈ\[\BY\^H N\[ N ]]X]X[H[HS]X\H\[X[[ۛHH^X][Š\[X[&\Q\ٝ\JH܈]^][[]HH[B H˙ ˝Z˘\[X[