Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 29

field wiring is arranged; the field device is identified and the appropriate CHARM card is set up and Electronically Marshalled through a hidden digital bus to ANY controller in the system. Fully redundant power and communications connection is included, and autosensing each I/O channel means that identification, configuration, diagnostics and design changes are easily carried out by the DCS. The technology provides many benefits, from the first design stages, to commissioning, and through the lifetime of processing oriented manufacture. As digital or analogue I/O of any type can be bound to specific controllers at any stage in the project without manual rewiring, hardware and design costs can be more predictable from the outset. Design changes – adding new I/O or changing I/O types - can be catered for without intensive labour and disruptive re-wiring costs. Projects become easier to scale, safety is assured. Configuration and diagnostics are taken care of by a single integrated software platform – Emerson’s DeltaV Explorer. Importantly the Total Cost of Ownership 580 CHARMs node directly links to the The elimination of a secondary network DeltaV system via the CHARM baseplate allows substantial savings in components, and natively combines autosensing and associated I/O, wiring, and commissioning Electronic Marshalling through redundant time. The Emerson single network solution power and communication connection, means single point responsibility for harnessing the full native diagnostic products, documentation and support, capabilities of the DeltaV. From the DCS, with savings for personnel, programming each pilot valve is managed in exactly the resources and system training. same way as the other system I/O. The DCS can identify and marshal all the pneumatic connections through a single redundant connection with up to 48 valve solenoid Reduced component count and direct connection equals a reduced risk of system failure. Design changes throughout project outputs connected to each CHARM node. development and future troubleshooting increased operational certainty, process The 580 CHARMs node interfaces with control with autosensing and plain reliability and increased machine ASCO Numatics 500 Series valve islands. message workstation diagnostics. availability. These high performance, “plug-in” Shutdown time is significantly reduced directional control valves feature the thanks to integral diagnostics directly highest flow capability for their product on the valve island or displayed on the size, helping to keep machine footprints DeltaV systems workstation. Reliable compact and lowering system costs, whilst redundant connection ensures safety and a comprehensive range of accessories reduces maintenance down time. Further and options makes for easy installation, compelling benefits include flexibility in configuration and modification. process control thanks to every CHARM is significantly reduced, measured by Integrating pneumatic valve islands into automation systems with CHARM technology The 580 Series CHARMs allows control engineers and project managers working on continuous and batch-oriented manufacturing projects a straightforward, cost saving and fast-track approach to the integration of pneumatic systems within The cost and time benefits of simplified machine architecture the process control environment. The When compared to a manually, cross- node facilitates single connection from the marshalled, process manufacturing field to Emerson’s DeltaV™ DCS offering system for batch and continuous Electronic Marshalling, native configuration production scenarios, the benefits of a and diagnostics plus built-in redundancy - CHARMs technology based solution with for a truly integrated system architecture. Electronic Marshalling are apparent and With the introduction of ASCO Numatics’ 580 CHARMs node, pneumatic systems’ integration with Electronic Marshalling is made possible within a single network platform – a one package and one supplier solution - for the first time. The compelling. When pneumatics require integration, and the solution is compared with the introduction of a fieldbus such as PROFIBUS-DP®, the benefits are even more convincing with the easy-to-use, is made easier with embedded intelligent I/O from voltage and current sensors to alarmsand pilot valves sharing the same DeltaV Explorer configuration, and being available in the ‘cloud’ to any controller in the network. These factors combine for a tightly integrated solution for I/O and pneumatic valve islands that delivers more complete project and operational certainty, comprehensive control optimisation and processing reliability. To find out more about the ASCO Numatics 580 CHARMs node please task-based engineering environment that Download this whitepaper or visit www. the DeltaV offers. FDPP - 29