Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 26

Progressive cavity pumps tackle top 10 food processing challenges The food and drink industry is the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK – larger than automotive and aerospace combined. And despite Britain’s impending withdrawal from the European Union, the sector is continuing to grow. A survey by Lloyd’s Bank revealed that Britain’s food and drinks firms are forecasting a 19 per cent growth over the next five years – up three percentage points from 2015. Despite pumps being key to most food processing operations, there remain challenges associated with pumping action without complicated controls or application requirements, eg a stainless- foodstuffs; not least the ability to handle lengthy calibration methods. steel pump with CIP capability for hygienic solids as well as liquids, and maintenance of product integrity. However, applications. HANDLING SOLID PARTICLES PC pumps can handle solid particles OPERATING PRESSURES without compromising the product or the PC pumps can generate pressures up to deliver superior pumping ability while pump efficiency, eg sauces containing 48bar as standard, due to the interference overcoming some of the food industry’s seeds or spices can be pumped without the fit between the rotor and stator and the top pumping headaches.} danger of sticking ball valves. They can also absence of slip between the pumping handle and even mix solids. elements. Progressive cavity (PC) pumps have a very VARIABLE FLOW RATES INSTALLATION AND OPERATION low shear action, preserving the quality PC pumps are available with flow rates With forward and backward pumping of shear-sensitive products. A lack of from 100ml/hr to 500m³/hr, and can action in the same pump, one PC pump can squashing action means very soft solids, handle temperatures from -20–220 C. often do the job of two alternative designs. eg soft fruits and vegetables, can be Calibration is simple and unaffected by System costs are reduced as check valves, handled with little or no damage. product viscosity, and only one variable – calibration pots and pulsation dampeners pump speed – needs to be changed to vary are not needed. They can be installed the flow volume. horizontally or vertically, while SEEPEX’s developments in technology mean that the progressive cavity (PC) pump can MAINTAINING PRODUCT INTEGRITY LIFTING PRODUCTS Smart Conveying Technology enables High suction lifts of up to 9m can be achieved, while surface-mounted PC VISCOSITY inspection, maintenance and removal of pumps can lift from wastewater sumps. Despite excellent suction characteristics, blockages without removing pipework. The ability to pump against almost a PC pumps may need a helping hand if full vacuum enables the efficient use of a product doesn’t free flow; hence the WASTE DISPOSAL degassing equipment and enhances the development of auger mechanisms. PC pumps can transport products over long quality of the final product. As a result, media containing up to distances to waste reception areas and can 45% dry solids and viscosity in excess enhance the value of waste by segregation BATCH AND CONTINUOUS DOSING of 1,000,000cps can be successfully for biogas production or to comply with PC pumps are ideal when specific transferred. waste regulations. SEEPEX’s patented design of rotating knives on the auger amount وX]\HY^[Y[HX\][KY][QQSH\[ ]\]]Xۚ]\ۂX]]XH۝^HY [[ܙYY[[[X\]HXH[\K[X\HXœ[HH\\H[][ۋY]\[[HXY]Y\[[\HY[[\Y [[X܈\[[\[]\]X[[Z[\XH T H\[\ HY[[[[H[ ۝[[\^H[[HۜXY[[H] H˙ ˝Z˜Y\^