Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 16 2018 - Page 8

Safety: One of your best investments? In the first of a series of features on material handling safety, Terry Kendrew, Managing Director at Impact Handling, looks at how spending on safety can bring surprising returns. I have no doubt that all companies in the food and drink industry would say that safety is their number one priority. But just how many would see safety as one of their best investments? The truth is, approached in the right way, spending money on health and safety can provide tangible returns to a business that far outweigh any original outlay. And I am not just referring to the worse case scenario either - the accident, injury or fatality we all hope never occurs - together with the horrific emotional and financial costs of putting right what so often, with the benefit of hindsight, should never have happened in the first place. No, far more positively, I am referring to the significant benefits that can be realised from the simple and honest endeavour of providing employees with the safest and healthiest possible working environment. This certainly applies in spades to fork lift truck and material handling fleets, where the opportunity to achieve a significant return on investment from safety and risk reduction spending really can’t be underestimated. So where should a company focus its efforts and what can it expect to see as a return? The core aim of any Health and Safety activity is of course the protection of people. Be that operators, employees, visitors or the general public. When looking at handling environments and fleets, this translates i FF&VR"'GVG&V3f'7FǒFRWVVBG6Vb6V6FǐFRFW&frF&VvFRW&FBfǒ6fWGFV6wg&W"WW&V6RFRWVVB &R7V6f6ǒFRƖ6FbFPw&rWVVBFVG2F&RFR&vvW7@6vR6W6RbVV6W76'&6FƖpVf&VG2ࣂdEwwrfG6Vfr6RFB2BFVf"G0Ɩ6F6'&rvFBV&W b&63g&V7F&RFr@"f6&ƗGF6F&ƗGvFW&Fg&7G'V7GW&R7V62&6sB7&V6VBƖVƖBbW&F W'&"VFW'7FFrFRVVBF&W@6vRVf7GW&W"6VV7FrFPFV6Rf"vfV&RBFVfR7FRVGW&VB7W7F֗6p6W2FF֗6RFV"W&f&6RBǒ&VfW2FvW"B&6'W@6V6W2Vff6V7FB6FVƗfW VFFR( 2BgFV6vf6B( 267@6fw2FW&fr( 2FRvv6FPfVVG2bFW&&RvVB@&WFVB( 22FW""&VvW&RvP6VRfF&R&6&R6FvVV66V@WVVBBVFƖr&VF֖FǒVFW7G&2&Rf&6V@F66R&֗G"vW&R&WFpfW&27V6Vff6VBfr`FW&7&VFW2&6BFRFVFf"6F7BBW'&VGV6rFB&6Bǒ7&V6W26fWG'WB6vW 67G27B'fW6ǒg&WVV@Bg&7G'V7GW&RFvR7B'WB@V7B2FR&RFV6w6֗FvFr&6BFVƗfW&r&WGW&৖W"6fWGfW7FVB2vR6FVRF6RW"7FƖv@FW&FƖr6fWGfW"W W6֖rfVGW&W2v&RW&pV6bFW6RF&VRW'GVG&V0( 2FRWVVBFRFW&fr@FRFW7B6fWGFV6w( 2w&VFW FWFBvB&Vv&BWW0FB6rrfW7Fr6fWG&Vǐ6FVƗfW"VvgV&WGW&খfW7FVB