Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 16 2018 - Page 6

Guide Reveals Opportunities For Improved Profits For Poultry Processors A new white paper from Ishida Europe emergence of a new middle class in However, although this offers explains how increased automation developing economies. opportunities for the poultry sector, and in-line processing can help poultry suppliers improve profitability at a time when margins are continually being squeezed and quality and safety standards further tightened. This is leading to further demand for poultry products, with one of America’s largest poultry producers, Pilgrim’s Pride, estimating a 1.2% annual growth rate in chicken production worldwide. both consumers and retailers are also seeking more responsible and sustainable practices throughout the food chain while not expecting this to have a significant impact on the final shelf price. The Poultry Processing Blueprint Poultry processors therefore have to highlights the increased pressures on balance cost increases in meeting new the food supply chain fuelled by global standards with further efficiencies population growth, in particular the elsewhere in their operations. 6 FDPP -