Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 16 2018 - Page 30

Double the life span of your variable speed drives for less per day than the cost of a cup of coffee The idea that living things shut down GETTING BACK TO EQUIPMENT many arteries calcify. There are no instead of wearing down has received As us engineers have long recognised, backups. We wear down until we can’t substantial support in recent years. simple devices typically do not age. wear down anymore. Researchers working on the now They function reliably until a critical famous worm C.elegans (the little component fails, and the whole thing But we can avoid and slow the inevitable nematode worm behind research that dies in an instant. A VSD for instance, by leading healthy lifestyles and with led scientists to receive the Nobel Prize, works smoothly until the capacitors advancements in modern medicine. not just once but twice, in a decade) start discharging dielectric or IGBT We can do the same to prolong the were able to produce worms that live devices fail, and then it does not work life of drives and motors with regular more than twice as long and age more at all. maintenance. Scientists have since come up with But complex systems - such as your What if we told you that if you have single gene alterations that increase the manufacturing process - have to survive a problem of any kind with any of life spans of fruit flies, mice and yeast and function despite having many key your installed VSDs Quantum’s expert – and Quantum Controls have come up critical components such as motors and engineers are just a phone call away and with a solution that will double the life drives. That’s why engineers design can GUARANTEE a first visit fix? span of your VSDs. machines and production processes slowly, simply by altering a single gene. with multiple layers of redundancy: Let us introduce you to The ONE CALL A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY with backup systems, and backup Contract from Quantum: For most of our 100,000 year existence systems for the backup systems. These - excluding the last few centuries - the may not be as efficient as the first line g average human life span has been 30 components, but they can allow the drive experts years or less. For most of history, death machine and process to keep running g Immediate ‘engineer to site’ request was a risk at every stage of life and had even when damage accumulates. g Our unique ‘first site visit fix’ no obvious connection with ageing at 24/7 direct telephone access to our guarantee all. As Montaigne wrote, in the late 16th Unless process equipment is correctly g century: “to die of old age is a death rare, maintained, the defects in your process under one contract extraordinary and singular, and therefore equipment increase until the time g so much less natural than the others: comes when just one more defect is spares and hire units it is the last and most extreme sort of enough to [\H\ˈ™Z['K^K]\]\YHYH]H]\YHوۙH\و[H\][H[]H[و\œ[[]XوHܛ[X[\X[ۈ[RX[YX\[܈\0M ]\ L[۝۝X YX\H\H[XYH]Y\][Z[0L \ۙ][ۈۛۈ\8$]8&\ۛH0̋NH\^HB[^[ۙ\\[Y[YKZ[H]\H]YY []]][ۚY][݋H\X\\]B[[[Yۈ[\]Hݙ\YX\R&\\\و[[Z]Y[[]H\]™[[Y\ZH\[\][\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]›\[˰\ӑHS۝X[[[B[]\]HوXYTK\Y\]\YX]H[X]\HZ[\\ۈ[\[X[Z[Z[H^H[\^RSSTH[ \]˜]X[[K[ۙX[ ˝Z\[\Z[[[H[ܘYX[K]\[[ܜٝ\[XZ[ۙX[]X[[KX۝˘˝Z˜[]\[\ H][X[H܈[\X[Hۈ  M  ͋X[H[\H[XYY܈ۙHŒ H˙ ˝Z